Adult-Use Cannabis Sales in 2020

Cannabis and sunshine go together cookies and milk.

Now that May is in full swing, even those of us on the east coast are enjoying sunny days. There’s just something about a warm weather vibe that gives us an extra nudge to light one up (or whatever your consumption preference may be). Here’s to Vitamin D!

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How Growers Are Adapting

Just as cannabis retailers made the shift to online sales and curbside pickups, cultivators are coming up with ways to adapt to our new reality as well. There has been a variety of solutions provided, as different regions face different challenges.

Marijuana Business Daily outlined the following changes that growers have made to keep work flow up and ensure employees stay safe. 

  • Staggering shifts into the evenings and on weekends so workers have more space to themselves.
  • Using digital solutions to prevent in-person contact.
  • Retaining and paying well those employees who are the most versatile to help out with multiple facets of the operation.
  • Communicating that employee health is a priority.

What this means and why you care: Most industries are being forced to make adjustments. This is especially true for cannabis companies (and growers in particular) as they deal with unique situations, such as the designation of some as “essential” but federally illegal. The differences state-by-state, further outlined in our Finance section, make solutions to these issues even more complicated.

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Adult-Use Cannabis Markets

There has been an uneven impact on legal adult-use market sales from the COVID-19 pandemic. Many state markets have been negatively effected, while Washington recorded its strongest month of sales to date (over $106 million in April). Recreational sales in California are still up, but not at the pre-coronavirus rate. Sales in Colorado and Nevada are on the decline.

The success in Washington relative to other states isn’t a total shock. It’s a more mature market and has a client-base more centered around local customers (unlike Colorado). Meanwhile, California must deal with a whole host of hurdles, including “high prices, a lack of retail stores, and an entrenched illicit market.” Nevada is really suffering – their industry is reliant on tourist sales, which become almost impossible if communities stay locked down.

What this means and why you care: All markets got a bump this past month from 4/20 (typically the biggest sales day of the year), but even the holiday sales were weak compared to 2019. We can tell that cannabis is still in high demand, but it remains to be seen whether this will continue as the pandemic carries on.

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2/3 of Pennsylvania Residents in Favor of Adult-Use

A new state-wide poll in Pennsylvania shows that almost 2/3 of residents are in favor of adult-use cannabis legalization. The survey, conducted by Harper Polling, could present a unique opportunity for Republican candidates to champion the issue. As expected, most self-identified moderates and liberals are in favor of adult-use legalization (63% and 76%, respectively). But the data also shows 54% of conservatives are on board as well. Additionally, 34% of Republicans said they would enthusiastically support a Republican legislator who voted for legalization, and this increases to 45% for Republicans age 18 to 39.

Gov. Tom Wolf (D) has already come out in support for recreational legalization. The state has had multiple bills introduced, including one from February that would tax and regulate sales and set up social equity and restorative justice programs (it’s currently before the House Health Committee). 

What this means and why you care: Residents of Pennsylvania are clearly in favor of adult-use legalization, and majority support by conservatives could help push Republican candidates to hop on Team Cannabis.

// Medicine, Science, & Technology

Research, Research & More Research

donation of $9 million was given to Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, earmarked for cannabis research. The gifts, which are considered the “largest donation to date to support independent research on the science of cannabinoids,” will give neuroscience and biomedicine experts the funds to connect dots on cannabinoid biology, enhance cannabis treatments, and even inform regulations.

A recent study with dogs revealed “the safety and therapeutic potential of hemp-derived CBD for relieving arthritic pain and suggests follow-up investigations in humans is warranted.”

Researchers found that the therapeutic benefit of cannabinoids for patients with multiple sclerosis “may extend beyond spasticity, improving spasticity-related symptoms.”

What this means and why you care: Research leads to a higher cannabis IQ. The more we know about the plant and its effects, the better able we will be to provide treatments to those in need and create safe policy standards.

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Culinary & Cannabis

Last week, we hosted a tasty live CannaGather Digital. The insightful conversation helped bring to light the science and history of culinary and cannabis.

We were joined by master hashishin Frenchy CannoliChef Ricardo Willis from Weed.Eat.Love, Chef Nikko, and cannabis activist/researcher Gaetano Lardieri.

You can check out a recap of the event here.

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Written by Justin Bernstein

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