🌿 Connecticut Gets Serious 🌿

NY Gov. Cuomo included cannabis legalization in his budget proposal as this year's legislative session begins. Connecticut makes cannabis legalization a 2020 legislative priority. The House files a bill to allow companies to market CBD as a dietary supplement instead of a drug. New studies are released covering cannabis and Tourette Syndrome patients. We also look at some financial strategies of Cresco Labs.

🌿 Cuomo Addresses New York 🌿

New York looks ahead to potential legalization plans in 2020. Scientists make a breakthrough discovery. The industry attempts to overcome headaches that defined last year's market. And cannabis entrepreneurs begin partnering with mainstream businesses.

🌿 Leaflet: Happy New Year! 🌿

Happy New Years Eve! Cannabis vape companies are using tech-based solutions to boost sales. Alabama and New Mexico advance conversations around state-wide legalization. A new study takes a look at how cannabis legalization correlates with opioid prescriptions.

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