Leaflet July 20th

Legal It’s Up To You, New York, New York The big story in the New York State (NYS) cannabis community over the past week has been the release a NYS Department of Health report entitled Assessment of the Potential Impact of Regulated Marijuana in New York State, which had been commissioned by Governor Andrew M.... Continue Reading →

The CannaConomy – July 13th Leaflet

The Leaflet 07.13.18 Financial Gambling on Cannabis An interesting look at the future of the cannabis market, not in the context of the Canadian model being explored by our friends up north, but what’s happening as more and more American states opt for medical or recreational legalization. (Spoiler Alert: You may not like the last... Continue Reading →

Leaflet July 9th

  Financial Crypto And Cannabis: Strange Bedfellows? Although some inroads are being made, the banking industry for the most part remains unwilling to deal in weed due to marijuana’s Schedule I status (which creates some pretty thorny issues). Now comes word that two of the financial world’s favorite topics — cannabis and cryptocurrency — could... Continue Reading →

Oklahoma Legalizes Medical

Financial Grow, Canada! The big news in cannabis this week is that Canada goes full legalization on October 17 (just like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised it would in 2015). Not everyone is buying the news about an economic boom, though, despite the fact that at least one other Canadian industry is ready to rake... Continue Reading →

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